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Solar Shades

  • Block up to 99% of UV rays to protect your floors and furnishings
  • Eco friendly fabrics help create a better environment for the planet and in the home
  • Cut down on glare while still allowing natural light in
  • Variety of openness levels let you enjoy the view without sacrificing sun protection
  • GREENGUARD Gold® Certified

for 24" x 36"

Bali Solar Shades protect your rooms from sun damage without blocking your view—and they look good doing it. With a uniquely engineered see-through design that brings the outdoors in all day, solar shades filter out both sunlight and damaging UV rays from your home. Fabrics with a variety of openness levels give you the perfect balance of light and view.

Easy to Clean

Humidity Tolerance


Motorized Lift

Energy Efficiency


Control Type

Control Type

  • EasyTouch Cordless Lift: Lift and lower even the largest shade to the exact spot you want it—with just the touch of a finger.
  • EasyTouch Dual Lift (U.S. Only): Ideal for tall or wide windows, this system can be operated as both continuous-loop lift or cordless, for ultra-smooth, quiet operation.
  • Continuous-Loop Lift (U.S. Only): Cord loop raises and lowers the shade without changing the length of the cord, providing smooth and easy operation. The included safety guide keeps the cord out of reach of kids and pets to eliminate dangling hazards.
  • Enclosed Loop Lift (Canada Only): Control cords covered for added safety. Raise and lower shades using a sliding handle.
  • Enclosed EasyTouch Dual Lift (Canada Only): Precision placement with two ways to operate the shade: 1) lower and raise shade by moving the hem bar exactly where you want it, or 2) raise the shade by moving the plastic grip toward the top of the window, then hold down the up-arrow button, while simultaneously pulling the grip down Once you are at the bottom, release the button, reset the grip at the top, and repeat until your shade is at the desired height To lower the shade, hold the down-arrow button and follow the same instructions
  • Cordless Lift: Raise and lower the shade by pulling on the bottomrail. Ideal for homes with kids or pets, cordless lift eliminates dangling cord hazards and provides a streamlined look. Certified Best for Kids™ by an independent lab.
  • Smart Pull With Wand: Raise and lower the shade easily by pulling the attached wand in the desired direction. Perfect for tall or hard-to-reach window treatments.
  • Motorized Lift: Raise and lower the shade with the included remote or by integrating with a home automation system. Simple, easy to use, and ideal for homes with kids and pets. Allows for easy operation of hard-to-reach or large window treatments. Certified Best for Kids by an independent lab.
  • EasyTouch Dual Lift

    EasyTouch Dual Lift

  • EasyTouch Cordless Lift

    EasyTouch Cordless Lift

  • Enclosed Dual Lift

    Enclosed Dual Lift

  • Continuous-Loop Lift

    Continuous-Loop Lift

  • Enclosed Loop Lift

    Enclosed Loop Lift

  • Cordless Lift

    Cordless Lift

  • Smart Pull with Wand

    Smart Pull with Wand

  • Motorized Lift

    Motorized Lift

Pull Type

Pull Type

  • Plastic tassels are color-coordinated tassels that let you raise and lower your shade without touching the fabric. Available on cordless and Smart Pull controls.
  • Wood tassels let you raise and lower your shade without touching the fabric. Available on cordless and Smart Pull controls.
  • A clear hem grip is a nearly invisible plastic grip that lets you raise and lower your shade without touching the fabric. Available only on cordless shades. Not available with scalloped hems.
  • Plastic Tassels

    Plastic Tassels

  • Wood Tassel

    Wood Tassel

  • Clear Hem Grip

    Clear Hem Grip

Valance Style

Valance Style

Valances give your window treatment a finished look and help conceal the headrail and mounting brackets.

Choose your style:

  • Cassette: Available in small (3" H x 3-5/8" D), medium (3-5/8" H x 4-1/4" D), and large (4-5/8" H x 5-1/2" D) sizes, the cassette valance is a curved, fabric-covered aluminum valance. The large cassette valance is not available with cordless lift or Smart Pull lift.
  • Fascia: Available in 3" and 4" sizes, a fascia is a flat piece of colored aluminum. Not available with cordless lift or Smart Pull lift.
  • Flat Valance: A 5" high flat PVC fabric-wrapped valance. The fabric isn't oriented to the shade fabric. Not available with reverse roll.
  • Contour: The contour valance is a slightly rounded fabric-covered valance. Not available with reverse roll.
  • Small Cassette

    Small Cassette

  • Medium Cassette

    Medium Cassette

  • Large Cassette

    Large Cassette

  • 3" Fascia

    3" Fascia

  • 4" Fascia

    4" Fascia

  • Flat Valance

    Flat Valance

  • Contour Valance

    Contour Valance

Roll Type

Roll Type

  • With a standard roll, the shade fabric hangs toward the back of the window, closer to the glass. This provides optimal privacy and light control.
  • With a reverse roll, the shade fabric hangs toward the front of the window, away from the glass. This creates a sleeker appearance from the front. Not available with cassette valance, fascia, or contour valance.
  • Reverse Roll (Front)

    Reverse Roll (Front)

When you choose a custom Bali blind or shade, you’re choosing designer style and quality for a DIY price. And our helpful resources mean that you always have a partner in your project. Use the links to the right to get the detailed info you need to tackle any window treatment project like a pro.

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